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  1. Do you offer free trials for your SHEQXEL Products?

No, we do NOT offer free trials. Most of our products do not have trial versions.


  1. Why don’t you provide free trials for all your products?

Our products are digital products and can be copied easily; we cannot just protect/hide some areas and distribute them. Trial versions though could be developed separately, it takes time.

  1. Ok, I understand. Nevertheless, as a customer, how will I know if this template will work for me?

For this reason, we provide explanatory videos for all SHEQXEL Products. These videos are based on screen recordings to show real use. You can find the product videos on the related product page. Also you can check our Youtube channel (SHEQXEL)

Besides these, you can ask your questions anytime by contacting us

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?

You can buy our products with Credit Cards (and Gift Cards) such as

  • Visa (including Visa Electron)
  • Mastercard
  • Gift cards
  1. Is it safe for payments?

For maximum security, we do not process the payments on our website.

All transactions go through our trustworthy partner Paddle and your local bank that issued you the credit card. So, yes. It is quite safe.

  1. If I make the purchase now, when will I get the file?

Immediately after the payment.

Delivery process of our products is fully automated. As soon as your payment is successful, you get an email with the link to download the product.


  1. I did not receive any email. How long will I wait?

Normally, if payment was successful then you should receive the email instantly. Any delay should be due to network issues. That should not take more than 10 minutes to resolve

  1. Is the price for one-time payment?

Yes! All prices for SHEQXEL Products are processed as one-time payment. You receive the template after you make the purchase. No subscription. No recurring payments.

  1. Are there any extra charges?

No. The price is the same as you see on our webpage. There are no hidden fees

  1. Are your products safe to open?

All our products are clean and controlled many times during development phase.

HOWEVER, we can only guarantee this for the products downloaded from our website SHEQXEL. We cannot control the whole web so we STRONGLY recommend you download SHEQXEL Products only from our website.

  1. Is it safe for payments?

For maximum security, we do not process the payments on our website. All transactions go through our trustworthy partner Paddle and your local bank that issued you the credit card. So, yes. It is quite safe


  1. Can I pay with Cash, bank transfer or Bitcoin?

Unfortunately, we do not accept these payment methods. We do not accept cash.

  1. I purchased your product and loved it! Can I share it with my friend/colleague?

Glad it was useful for you!

If your friend is interested, kindly direct the friend to our website and help grow our business. Sharing the file with third parties is against the terms and conditions for use of SHEQXEL Products (refer to Terms and Conditions)

  1. Can I put it on my company intranet?

Yes, you can place it on your company network for internal use.

But you are still not allowed to put the product on websites with public access. You also do not have the right to re-sell our products.

  1. I need some modifications to the product. Will you do it for me?


However, as product modification per customer is quite a demanding work, so we charge separately.

  1. How much does it cost for customized products?

Every customer requirement is different, hence evaluated separately. We cannot announce a general price list for custom tasks. It depends on how long it will take to develop the custom product. Therefore, we entreat you send us an email and explain your needs, so that we can quote accordingly.

  1. I think I have messed up my tool. Can you send me a new one?

No worries!

Just contact us with your purchase information and we will send you the product again.

As a suggestion: when you download our products, keep the original ZIP file aside and work on the extracted file. In addition, keep versions of your Excel workbook as a good practice.


  1. What if you update and improve the template in the future. How will I get it?

All our SHEQXEL products come with a bonus of lifetime updates. This means, when we make improvements to the products after your purchase, you will always have the rights to get the newer version. We will generally send the updates to your email address, which you used when you to download the product.

  1. I have some questions, how can I reach you? Do you provide any support?

Yes! SHEQXEL customer service is always here to help. Whether you have questions about our excel templates, payments or any issues, please feel free to reach us via Contact Form or send an email to sheqxel@gmail.com. Generally, we will reply within 24 hours of a business day max.

  1. How can I unlock the sheets? What is the password?

Our products are designed for use out-of-box without the need to unlocking and revise.

We have password protected some columns in the sheets in order to prevent accidental changes users can make, like overwriting a formula or deleting a calculation column etc. 

So, normally you wouldn’t need to unlock the template.

Of course, if you want to make any modifications to the template you are free to unlock it with the password, bearing in mind you are fully responsible for the effective function of the tool.

You will find the password at the bottom of the ‘Welcome Page’ of all SHEQXEL products

2. Ok, I have the password. Now, how can I unlock the sheet?

For Windows Users:

Go to Review Tab in the top menu of Excel > Click Unprotect Sheet -> Enter the password

3. I cannot find the password!

The password is at the bottom of the ‘Welcome Page’ of all our SHEQXEL products

4. I downloaded the template but it is a ZIP file. How can I open it?

ZIP is a popular file extension used for compression and security. We mostly put our templates in ZIP files for faster downloads and convenient delivery to your email. You can think it like a packaging for the stuff you buy. Just you need to do is unpack or extract it.

When you download the zip file, first, save it on your computer (preferably on your desktop). Then, if you have an unzip utility installed on your computer, such as WinZip or 7-Zip, then use them to extract the file. If not, then:

For Windows Users

Right click on the file and select “Extract all…” It will ask you where you want to save the extracted file. That is it!

5. What if I use the template without unzipping?

If you try to open the file without unzipping, the spreadsheet will open in Read-Only mode. In this mode, your changes will not be saved and you cannot rename or edit the file. We suggest keeping the zip version aside and start working on the unzipped version. If you somehow break the template, you can easily unzip a fresh new one anytime.

7. Can I remove your logo and insert mine?

Depends on the sheet.

The main working sheets of all SHEQXEL Products give users access to insert their own logos at a dedicated section. Such places are not password protected. 

SHEQXEL reserves the right to protect is ownership via the welcome note page where our logo is boldly featured as part of our copyright. On this sheet, you cannot remove our logo.

8. I purchased the template but cannot remove your logo

We make sure areas where you need to insert logos are not password protected

In case you found out it is password protected, you can unprotect the sheet with the password shared at the Welcome note page

After the sheet is unlocked, you can insert your logo. After, make sure to lock back the sheet to avoid accidentally overwriting a formula



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