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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. The template is a Microsoft excel file compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 or later version. So make sure your Microsoft Office is 2013 or later version to have full features of the tool to work. For example; timeline which is a feature of the template is not available in Microsoft Office 2010. 

Yes, you can. After you have unprotected the worksheet and workbook and inserted new pivot table on new worksheet. Kindly refer to our second tutorial video on  how to create new KPIs to measure HSE Performance.

Yes, we do share the password with the template. Find the password on the welcome page of the template. We also share it via email. In case you missed all of the above,  feel free to request via the Live Chat.

Yes, we share any new update for free. So far based on our quality check, no new update is expected. However, should we come up with any latest revision, we will send straight to your email address. 

You will receive a download link instantly in the email address you use to make the purchase. That is guaranteed as far as your email address is correct. If for any reason payment is made but file is not received. Get in touch with us via Live Chat or support@sheqxel.com and we will send the file to you via email. From experience, such complaint come from those who make mistakes with their email address.

You will get free support via our Live Chat. We do respond quickly as our Live Chat is connected to our phone. In any case, we aren’t able to respond instantly, due to differences in timezone, we make sure to reply, so just keep your eyes on the live chat for feedback. You can also contact us officially via support@sheqxel.com

Yes, double click on the padlock by our site name in your browser to verify our valid SSL certificate. The padlock implies an end to end encryption of all communication between our website and Paddle, our trusted merchant. That grantees that transactions can’t be hacked.

No hidden fees. You only have to make a onetime payment and become part of our community of happy clients who now have control over their HSE data and can get in touch with us anytime via our live chat for free support. 

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