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SHEQXEL Equipment Maintenance Tracker



Do you need a template to track maintenance of your workplace equipment?  Are you in charge of following up on maintenance programs for equipment at your workplace? Then try this!

Equipment Maintenance Tracker is a turnkey template for setting maintenance programs and following up on maintenance schedules and actions to ensure that equipment continually remain in good service and without risk to the safety of users.

The template has these features;

The Approved list for users to provide their list of all their equipment, category of the equipment, types of maintenance programs, frequency of maintenance, equipment conditions, remark and maintenance action status. The approved list serves as input for the source data sheet.

The Equipment Register is a template for keeping a database of workplace equipment to ensure adequate control. It captures details like name of equipment , date of purchasing, date of putting into service, location, physical condition, service provider’s name, contact number and details, frequency of maintenance, date of previous maintenance, date of next scheduled maintenance, with functions to automate monitoring of maintenance schedule.

The Source Data sheet is a maintenance log sheet for logging various types of maintenance work carried on each piece of equipment and the type of maintenance whether planned preventive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, condition based maintenance, predictive maintenance or reliability centered maintenance program. Users can automatically track current maintenance status, maintenance activities performed by who and checked by who; pending maintenance action and progress update on those actions, duration used to close action or days they have been due.

The Dashboard is made up of line chart, bar charts and column charts to visualize maintenance trend, maintenance status due soon or overdue, frequency of maintenance as per maintenance strategy, maintenance actions, days used to close maintenance actions and days maintenance actions are due or overdue. It also shows no. of maintenance carried out, no. of equipment on schedule, maintenance in date, maintenance due soon, maintenance due today, maintenance overdue and all are connected by slicers for easy selection and deep dive.

The Various reports comprise maintenance trend, maintenance frequency, equipment maintenance status, equipment physical condition, due days for maintenance, duration used to close maintenance actions and maintenance history for each equipment, status of pending actions and maintenance action register.

This is a Microsoft excel file hence no installation is required and can run on both Windows and Mac with Microsoft Excel 2013 (+ Later Versions)

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