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SHEQXEL Road Transport Safety Auditing Tool


Product Description

Are you looking for a simple and better system for auditing the road transport management system of your organization or suppliers.

Road Transport Safety Auditing Tool is  turnkey template with precise audit questions to audit all the relevant elements of a Road Transport Safety Management System (RTSMS) with great graphical representation of the audit performance.

The tool has 8 main features;

The Audit Scoring Criteria outlines the audit scoring criteria and definitions for what constitute compliance, major and minor noncompliance and opportunity for improvements (OFIs)

The Audit Checklist is a series of questions populated in the form of a checklist to address the requirements of a road transport safety  management system such as policy, responsibilities, safe driver, safe vehicle, safe journeys, safe contractors, safety rules, emergency measures, risk management, fatigue management, training and education, evaluation and improvement.

The Audit Summary is the summary of the audit sections, audit findings and their respective scores which automatically populates from validated reference numbers.

The NC and CAPA Log  is the template for logging all NCRs, types of nonconformance, root cause, corrective and preventive action, action status and next verification date.

The Dashboard is dynamic and beautiful made of clattered column chart to represent the various compliance levels of each section of the management system and a stacked column chart representing the number of Compliances, Major and minor nonconformance snd OFIs with a progress chart representing the overall audit score.

The Road Transport Safety Compliance Sheet has the table of all the elements of the road transport safety management system and their levels of compliance and compares against a 100% target to provide an overview of how an organization has performed on various sections.

The Compliance, NC and OFIs are presented in  unique counts on a table to give an overview audit performance.

The Audit Findings gives the sum of Compliance, NCs and OFIs in graphical representation to give an overview of audit performance.

This is a well researched tool for organizations involved in the road transport business that do not have any auditing system in place to evaluate their Road Transport Safety Management System. It is simply a Microsoft excel file hence no installation is required and can run on both Windows and Mac and compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 (+ Later Versions)

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