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COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool



Product Description

Do you need a template to maintain a robust screening program? Are you in charge of COVID-19 screening at your workplace? Then try this!

COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool is a turnkey template for recording daily temperature readings and symptoms of employees for early detection, isolation and testing of any suspected COVID-19 infected workers.

This includes checking for FEVER, dry cough, head aches, chest pains, difficulty breathing, runny nose, diarrhea together with travel history and contact with COVID-19 infected persons. The purpose is to immediately detect and isolate and report to a doctor for further testing.

The template has these features;

The Approved list for users to provide the list of all their employees, their respective department, occupation and classification of their COVID-19 risk exposure levels as provided on the OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19. This includes the COVID-19 symptom score which relates to the levels of scoring for COVID-19 symptoms to establish total score and the action levels required. Temperature has been set in Fahrenheit or Celsius to match the Unit of Measure of users infrared digital thermometer gun.

The COVID-19 Daily Self Assessment Checklist is a template provided to print for workers to self assess their own state of health based on the symptoms and score the extent of severity from 0, 1 and 2, where 0 implies no symptom, 1 – mild symptom and 2 – severe symptom. Fever is set at 0 and 2, where 0 means no fever and 2 means fever as detected through temperature testing. The checklist and readings from temperature testing will be used as input for the source data.

The Source Data sheet is the main working area where daily temperature readings, and scores of  symptoms of COVID-19, travel history to COVID infected area and contact with COVID infected person as predefined in the Daily Self Assessment Checklist are entered.  The sheet is conditionally formatted to show  traffic light patterns where green implies no symptom, yellow for mild symptom and red for severe symptom. The total score depending on the level automatically triggers the need to isolate and call a doctor; or need to monitor and record if symptom worsen; or no action required. This is the main source data for the dashboard and other reports. Once a suspected case is isolated for COVID testing by a doctor, users can update the case confirmation as positive, negative or recovered.

The Dashboard features total employees, number of total screening, number of employees screened, any suspected cases, positive case and recovered case. The dashboard also features bar charts to show individual Symptom Score and overall COVID-19 Score, a pyramid chart to shows OSHA’s risk pyramid for COVID-19, line charts to visualize temperature trends of all employees and bar charts to visualize the COVID symptom trend.

The COVID-19 Risk Pyramid Sheet gives a summary of employees and risk exposure level based on the worker exposure risk evaluation done on the approved list. These are represented in a table and a pyramid chart.

The COVID Symptom Trend Sheet shows the trend of each employee’s symptoms in terms of how they have scored on their self assessment checklist to establish which worker is the most suspicious of COVID to justify isolation and calling the doctor.

The COVID-19 Symptom Score shows the total score of each employee to estimate which employee is the most suspicious of COVID-19.

The Temperature report shows all the average temperature values of all employees over the screening timeframe to generate temperature trend of each employee for early attention and further actions. The report is conditionally formatted to show a heat map of whose temperature has reached or exceeded 38C or 104F. 

The Action Levels sheet shows all employees who have been isolated and handed over to the doctor, those who are under monitoring for confirmatory screening and those who are healthy with no action required.

The Case Count sheet simply shows how many employees are COVID-19 positive, negative or have recovered and also how may are COVID suspects.

This tool is definitely an advance form of the free COVID-19 Body Temperature Log, which limits users to only log temperatures for 50 workers for 31 days. This tool on the other hand, can be used for as many employees for as long a period as possible. No restrictions and captures all signs and symptoms.

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