This is the OFFICER VERSION of SHEQXEL HSE Performance Monitoring Tool, a turnkey tool for HSE Performance Monitoring and Trend Analysis. This tool provides a database for HSE KPIs and analyzes them to generate HSE Performance Reports. It estimates Accident and Incidents Rates; Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate(TRIFR), Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR), Incident Rate (IR), Incident Severity Rate (ISR), Motor Vehicle Incident Rate (MVIR), Motor Vehicle Incident Frequency Rate (MVIFR) for you. The officer version allows only daily data entries hence best for Safety Professionals who want to keep a close eye on their KPIs.

⚙️ Features include:

  • Easy Data Entry and Analysis
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Graphs
  • Analyze Data on a Single Click
  • 10 Dynamic Dashboards to Visualize Data on a Single Click
  • Linked Excel Sheets to Analyze more than 40 default KPIs
  • 45 reports to be used an input for developing an Annual HSE Performance Report.
  • Control all 10 dashboards and 45 reports using any slicer or timeline in the workbook
  • Already Formatted Total Recordable Incident Frequency Rate (TRIFR), Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR), Incident Severity Rate (ISR), and Incident Rate (IR) with Interpretations.
  • Good Formatting and Presentable dashboard
  • HSE Objectives and Targets Setting
  • Generates Daily HSE Report from a Daily HSE Report Template
  • Can be customized to include your own KPIs upon request
  • Can accommodate more than 10 years database on 3000 rows
  • Password to sheets and workbook provided.
  • Excel 2013 (+ later versions ) compatibility
  • Optimized for Windows and Mac
  • Replace logo and integrate with your management system
  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD after purchase
  • 24/7 Lifetime support and free updates (For Those Who Leave a Review)

👉 Your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly HSE database management just got easier and better. Just focus on your database and let SHEQXEL complete the rest. View the pictures

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SHEQXEL Performance Monitoring Tool - Officer Version
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Bilal on SHEQXEL Performance Monitoring Tool - Officer Version
Best Dashboard

It's the best dashboard I ever worked with and I hope to keep working with SHEQXEL Products for very long time.

by William on SHEQXEL Performance Monitoring Tool - Officer Version
Recent Purchase

I am thoroughly excited about this product, Selorm. Your product indeed fits the bill! Better than expected - Very well done!!

by PRINCE NICHOLAS AMUAH on SHEQXEL Performance Monitoring Tool - Officer Version

It's amazing to set an objective and actually work towards it, the latest update of the SHEQXEL officer and manager version is another story to tell. I am really impressed about this development. On a single click you can easily get your daily report. Just imagine after a hard days work on site and still spending hours on report, SHEQXEL just made things easier for me and my team.

by Samuel Kwabla Alorvor on SHEQXEL Performance Monitoring Tool - Officer Version

Throughout my professional life I have come across many tools, but the SHEQ working tools developed by SHEQXEL are absolutely phenomenal. Very interactive and easy to use. The parameters are so elaborate requiring minor or no changes in most cases before use. SHEQXEL tools are the best in the world and I highly recommend to any HSSEQ professional who wants to take his/her HSSEQ reporting to a top-notch level. Thumbs up to the developers... more grease to your elbows. Cheers!

  • Version: 1.0