SHEQXEL Progress Chart Widgets is a set of 5 progress chart templates for recording KPIs and visualizing progress made towards set targets.

⚙️Features include;

  • Progress Chart Template 1;
  • Progress Chart Template 2;
  • Progress Chart Template 3;
  • Progress Chart Template 4;
  • Radial Chart which combines 4 Progress Charts to track 4 KPIs.
  • Optimized for Windows and Mac
  • Compatible with Microsoft excel 2010 ( + later version).
  • Buy any premium template and get the password

This template is an extract from the SHEQXEL HSE Performance Monitoring Tool which has over 40 proactive KPIs with room for continuous database for as many years as you want.

Give your KPIs a new look with SHEQXEL progress chart widgets. View the pictures

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