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SHEQXEL Safety Assurance KPI Template


Product Description

Safety assurance is the systematic evaluation and ongoing monitoring of the safety management system to guarantee safety at the workplace. Safety Assurance activities include internal audits, external audits, workplace inspections, environmental inspections, chemical inspections, safety walkthroughs, hazard hunts among others.

This template is deigned to record counts of 10 assurance KPIs and their yearly targets to produce trends and progress towards targets. The template is an extract from the SHEQXEL HSE Performance Monitoring Tool which has over 40 proactive KPIs. As an extract , there is no effort required inputting data hence very useful for showing quick trends of the 10 assurance KPIs.

The source data is where data input is made. Users can change the KPIs and record their monthly KPI figures and yearly targets to automatically reflect on the dashboard.

A slicer has been used to make the dashboard dynamic. Since slicer only works on Microsoft excel 2010, the template is compatible with Microsoft excel 2010 ( + later version).

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