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How to measure and improve HSE Performance

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What is an HSE Performance?

HSE Performance is the measure of success or failure of the HSE Management System. It is the ability of an organization’s HSE Management System to achieve its set objectives such as to safeguard health and safety, to prevent workplace accidents and diseases etc. Performance is measured with key performance indicators (KPIs) and these KPIs are compared against a set of benchmarks to ascertain how well an organization has performed.

If an organization sees an improvement in its KPIs relative to a set of benchmarks, its HSE performance is considered a good performance whiles if KPIs retrogress against the set of benchmarks, it is termed as an underperformance. A bad performance on the other hand is when the HSE management system is characterized failures such as Lost Time Injuries, Medical Treatment Cases, Fatality and others.

How to improve HSE Performance

In order to improve HSE performance, organizations must set and implement an HSE Action Plan which should be based on the following important elements.

  1. HSE Goals : what is to be achieved overall.
  2. HSE Objective: the aim of the actions to be implemented.
  3. HSE target : the specific measure of success of the action to be implemented.
  4. Key Performance Indicators : the actions to be implemented which will be used to measure performance.

HSE Action Plan is the road map for driving the safety agenda within a given timeframe. It embodies the HSE goals, objectives, targets, actions, set timeline, responsible persons and progress made.

The organizations must then;

  1. Record what have been implemented for monitoring purposes
  2. Measure and compare monitoring results against previous performance and a set of benchmarks.
  3. And improve performance by exceeding previous year’s performance or the set of benchmarks.

HSE benchmarks are the standards or point of reference for comparing performance. These benchmarks are often dictated by the industry, clients, regulatory bodies and professional bodies. What benchmarks does your organization use to drive its HSE performance against?

Peter Drucker, a renowned management theorist is quoted “what gets measured gets managed.”  So if you can measure it, you can definitely improve it. 



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