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SHEQXEL provides high quality Health and Safety Excel Templates, HSE Dashboard Templates, HSE training and development of QHSE management system. Our Safety Dashboards are unique and offer great advantage to all Safety Professionals and businesses whose Proprietary EHS Software is inadequate or simply nonexistent. 
We also provide HSE support to organizations as an outsourced function and assist them to achieve ISO certifications. We assist in these simple steps; “Preparation, Documentation, Implementation, Internal Audits, External Audits, HSE Training and ISO Certification Readiness
We pride ourselves in providing value for money, high quality and reliable consulting service and assisting our clients to achieve and maintain a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible workplace. 
We assist in compliance with all HSE related regulatory requirements and best practices.

Get Yourself Armed with S-afety H-ealth E-nvironment & Q-uality XEL-Excel Dashboard Templates from SHEQXEL

SHEQXEL Turnkey Solutions

Save Time, Avoid the Stress, Generate HSE Reports with Just “One Click”

Purchase, Instant Download, Replace Logo and Integrate with Your Management System

“Just Focus on Your Data and Let SHEQXEL Do the Rest”


“Best Tools for Projects, Free Customization Upon Request”

SHEQXEL ISO 45001 Auditing Tool

SHEQXEL ISO 9001 Auditing Tool

SHEQXEL ISO 14001 Auditing Tool

SHEQXEL Road Transport Safety Auditing Tool 

SHEQXEL Supplier Quality Evaluation Tool

SHEQXEL Basic Safety Auditing Tool

SHEQXEL Inspection schedule

SHEQXEL Audit Schedule

SHEQXEL Drill Matrix 

SHEQXEL Safety Stock Monitoring Tool

SHEQXEL Risk Management Tool

SHEQXEL Daily Action Tracker 

SHEQXEL Equipment Maintenance Tracker 

SHEQXEL HSE Budgeting Tool

SHEQXEL COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool 

SHEQXEL COVID-19 Body Temperature Log

SHEQXEL BBS Participation Dashboard Template  I 

SHEQXEL BBS Participation Dashboard Template II 

SHEQXEL Workplace Inspection Dashboard Template  

SHEQXEL KPI Dashboard Template 

SHEQXEL Progress Chart Widgets 

SHEQXEL Monitoring KPI Template 

SHEQXEL HSE Performance Monitoring Tool – Manager Version 

SHEQXEL HSE Performance Monitoring Tool – Officer Version 

SHEQXEL Permit to Work Tracking Log and Audit Log 

SHEQXEL Corrective and Preventive Action Tracker 

SHEQXEL Road Transport Safety Reporting Tool  

SHEQXEL HSE Incident Trend Analysis Tool

SHEQXEL Environmental Monitoring Tool

SHEQXEL HSE Observation Tracker

SHEQXEL PPE Monitoring Tool


SHEQXEL ChemTool Plus

SHEQXEL Legislation Tracker

SHEQXEL Lifting Gear Register

SHEQXEL Equipment Calibration Tracker

SHEQXEL HSE Scoreboard

SHEQXEL Training Matrix

SHEQXEL Permit to Work Tracking Log

SHEQXEL Safety Assurance KPI Template 

SHEQXEL Fire Extinguisher Register

SHEQXEL HSE Observation Trend Tool

SHEQXEL Vehicle Driving Licence Tracker

SHEQXEL Equipment Register


SHEQXEL Control of Work KPI Trend Tool 

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